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(b. 1958)

Born in Japan, composer Yuko Uébayashi moved to Paris in 1998, where she continues to draw inspiration from her encounters with musicians and artists. Her distinct compositional style combines French impressionist music and Japanese film music -- described as “Debussy and Ravel meet in Nippon”.  Flutist Jean Ferrandis characterized her works as “gems that, although they are so different, they yet belong to the same world, a world of vivacity, dreams, tenderness, and humour”.  Uebayashi is inspired by landscapes, light, and paintings, and she only writes music for musicians to whom she feels a connection. The first movement of her Sonata for flute and piano, which she dedicated to Ferrandis and pianist Emile Naumoff,  is likely the most famously representative of her unique style. 

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